Suus iustus via ego sum.

Suus iustus via ego sum.

Friday, September 27, 2013


is there was any particular reason why you keep looking at my feet ?

slowly removed the shoe from her right foot; this was by far the best view I had ever had of her feet; they were so perfect in every way, the scent from her foot caught my nose as I placed the shoe on the floor

After kissing her foot for several minutes she said, "OK; now I want to see you sucking my toes"  
"I see my feet have quite an effect on you",

So I continued to ‘beg’ at her feet, kissing the top of her foot once again, occasionally licking it, so as to get a better taste. I started to move towards the outer-side of her foot; kissing around her ankle, and licking the side of her heel all the way along to her little toe

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