Suus iustus via ego sum.

Suus iustus via ego sum.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Nicole and Anne

  "Are you sure your okay? I give a pretty mean foot massage. You want me to help you out?"

swung her legs across the cushions and plopped her feet,pale blue toes. toes were together, in a kind of steeple, each toe touching the one of the same type on the other foot.

I slowly raised it, and bowed my head to meet her foot half way. Rolling my head to my right, I took Anne's smallest toe into my mouth briefly, not sucking, but just touching my tongue to it's soft pad and pulling it back in a teasing lick.

I imagined that's what they'd look like if I had tied her feet up. I looked down at her soles as her feet were placed tightly together. I ran my fingers up and down her soles. I also slid my index finger between each of her lovely toes.

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