Suus iustus via ego sum.

Suus iustus via ego sum.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Asian I

Making sure to cover every inch of her feet

red toes... i'll suck that...

She spoke in tongues as mine massaged her foot and my dick waged war upon her tight, hungry pussy. I brought her other foot up and stuck both big toes in my mouth.

pink flops, wow... aamuyin ko yan bago ko halikan at sisipsipin ang toes mo..

Ang sarap labasan sa ibabaw ng paa niya.. uhmm...

"That was incredible footboy." I think it's time fore your reward, don't you." She snaked a foot around my lubed cock and began lovingly stroking it. "Cum for me stud. I love this dick. I love you. Just cum for me, I want to see you cum, feel your cum hit the bottom of my soles."

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