Suus iustus via ego sum.

Suus iustus via ego sum.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Teens VI

Her toes were round and plump, looking very suckable.

I couldn't imagine how she would react if she knew how much I wanted her cute little feet.

Lying on her side, with her legs slight bent and her feet together, she exposed both of her bare soles to me. I could not keep my eyes off them, admiring her high arches. Facing away from me, watching the movie, she couldn't see that my eyes were engrossed in her feet, as I conjured up visions of sucking her pudgy toes, and making love to those beautifully high arches.
I further removed the sheet, fully exposing her feet. It was obvious that she was thoroughly enjoying my foot massage. Her toes were flexing and curling, as I rubbed my thumb up and down the length of her sole. As I release her foot so I could massage the other one, she lifted her feet from the sofa,

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