Suus iustus via ego sum.

Suus iustus via ego sum.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Teens IV

I kept licking until her feet were spotless,

I kept licking until her feet were spotless

The balls of her feet looked very sexy in this style of sandal. Her white toe nail polish was perfectly applied

Slowly I circled the underside of her toes, which is a really sensitive area for girls, then gently placed my lips around her toes, one by one up to the big toe. All the time my tongue was probing, licking the tiny specks of dirt from between her toes

“My feet are covered in your disgusting love juices” Lara admonished me.” You’d better clear it up”.

giggle a bit and then began to purr with approval as my tongue ran from her toes down to her heel and back down again to her toes. 

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